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I'm just a guy with a boomerang.

I didn't ask for all this GENDERBENDING and MISTLETOE.

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(( Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender for campfuckudie! Questions? Comments? Invites to sweet rave parties? Holla on gchat/email: kung.fu.radio[at]gmail.com. Screened crit post is here. ))
aang's adorable bald head, airship slice!, armor for appa, armor for hawky, armor for momo, bad jokes, being a leader, being a minority, being a pee nazi, being a secret badass, being right, bold-fonting my eyebrows, bustin' chops, cactus juice, capslock rage, clubbing baby seals, clubbing with baby seals, cockblocking, complaining, completely justified paranoia, continued skepticism, cosmo girl, defeating the fire lord, delicious meat, dick dick dickity dickdick, dramatic facial hair, foo foo cuddly poops, gran gran, granpakku, haiku, haru's facial hair, how right i am, impulse shopping, it's not a tan, jerky, katara, katara's chastity belt, kyoshi warriors, lunar goodness, man purses, master piandao, matching, meat, momo, moon pings, more meat, my big black sword, noodle art, not bosco the bear, not cavecapades, not disappearing girlfriends, not gay pirates, not hippies, not jet's semen, not secret tunnels, not wearing women's clothing, obeying the melon lord, pimpin' is surprisingly easy, pragmatism, project runway, puns, purity ring kataang, rainbows for piandao, raining on parades, random bursts of optimism, realistic cynicism, righteous indignation, sapphire fire, schedules, sea prunes, secret rivers, shopping, southern water tribe, spa time with toph, suki suki 5 dolla, tentsex, the chlorine of your love, the moon!!1, theoretical jetko, toph, twelve year olds, umbrella drinks, wang fire, wang fire's martyrdom, wangina fire, warrior's wolftails, womanbending